An impossible list is simply a list of your goals. In which over time, changes depending on your progression. The whole idea of this goal-tracking tool originated from, Joel Runyon (athlete & entrepreneur) who has used it to accomplish amazing things!

However, I’ve only learned about it last year from one of my favorite YouTuber & Blogger, Thomas Frank from College Info Geek. (If you’re a student, do check him out! He puts out great content)

The whole rationale behind creating an impossible list is to write down all your goals and make it the basis of keeping track of your personal achievements you have set for yourself. And as you progress and accomplish any one of the items on the list, you’ll cross them out.

Additionally, the impossible list is not just limited to work or school. You could add in your goals for your hobbies and health also. For example, ‘Getting a grandmaster rank in Overwatch competitive play’ or, ‘Getting a body like Michael B. Jordan’ (He was an amazing Killmonger in Black Panther by the way).

Well, think of the impossible list as a productive bucket list. The few differences being only that the impossible list evolves based on your current ambitions while a bucket list stays stagnant. Additionally, the bucket list is only on things you’d like to do in life but never actually do – since there’s no urgency to accomplish them. As opposed to the impossible list, where it acts as a goal-tracking plan to get you to actually do them.

One thing that I’ve changed as compared to how Joel and Thomas have done it, is that I’ve made it a yearly version of the impossible list where I’d write a new one each year. Differing from the original version of the impossible list, where the list lasts them for a long time. I do this because I would like to open myself up to new challenges each year depending on my current focus.

This list will be updated as I accomplish any of these milestones. And when the year ends, I will do a review on what I’ve accomplished.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get straight to it!



  1. Finish off Year 1 Semester 2 with 3 ‘A’s.
  2. Improve GPA from Year 1 Semester 1 to at least a 3.5 in Year 1 Semester 2.
  3. Maintain GPA for the whole of Year 2. Or possibly, improve it by 0.1.
  4. Get an A for ‘Data Visualisation’ module in Year 2.
  5. Get an A for ‘Data Science Essentials’ module in Year 2.
  6. Get an A for my 2nd Cross Discipline Subject (Results for my choice are not out yet, but I’d probably be doing either ‘Entrepreneurship and Start-ups’ or ‘e-Entrepreneurship’) module in Year 2.

SKILLS: (Using online courses and tools)

  1. Learn Digital Marketing.
  2. Learn Social Media Marketing.
  3. Learn and be proficient in Web Development. (Will be more focused on front-end development)
    1. HTML/CSS (Bootstrap framework as well) – Front End
    2. JavaScript (React and jQuery frameworks as well) – Front End
    3. Node.js – Server Side/Back End
    4. MySQL – Database
    5. WordPress
  4. Learn Web Design. (UI/UX Design)
    1. Adobe Illustrator
    2. Adobe Photoshop
    3. Adobe Experience Design
  5. Learn Basic Graphic Design for Visual Communication (Posters, Mockups etc.) & Street-Fashion Design.
    1. Adobe Illustrator
    2. Adobe Photoshop
  6. Learn data visualization.
    1. Tableau
  7. Pick up Photography (As soon as I can get a camera)
    1. Adobe Lightroom


  1. Launch the ‘ODYSEE’ brand.
  2. Maintain and survive the ‘ODYSEE’ business.
  3. Launch ‘REPENT APPAREL’ brand.
  4. Start a side hustle eCommerce business.
  5. Get any business making a constant cash flow of at least $200 a month.
  6. Apply skills of marketing and start/run mother’s health and beauty eCommerce business.
  7. Apply skills of marketing and help dad in his music school and event business.
  8. Start a blog.
  9. Hit 20 views on the blog.
  10. Hit 50 views on the blog.
  11. Hit 100 views on the blog.
  12. Hit 300 views on the blog.
  13. Hit 500 views on the blog
  14. Put out 50 blog posts.
  15. Apply social media marketing skills and get up to 1000 followers on Instagram. (Follow me bruh, @jonahhdeleon)
  16. Create a network and meet new people. (At least 10 new contacts and friends)
  17. Find a mentor.
  18. Join a competition in any skill area.
  19. Attend seminars and events as much as possible.
  20. Start validating & executing on the new start-up idea with my buddy CS.
  21. Get first Web Design/Development Gig.
  22. Finish 15 Lynda/Udemy Courses this year.
  23. Read at least 12 books this year. (1 book/month) – I’ve never been a reader only read one book last year.
  24. Listen to a new podcast/Watch a new Ted Talks video each week.
  25. Start getting a morning routine. (Starting your day right)
  26. Start getting a night routine. (Helping you wind down and sleep)
  27. Stop bad habit of being late for school or anything else. (Hardest thing ever)
  28. Sleep at least 6 hours a day.


  1. Get a body like Michael B. Jordan.
  2. Hit 30kg per side for Bench (1RM)
  3. Hit 55kg per side for Deadlifts (1RM)
  4. Hit 40kg per side for Squats (1RM)
  5. Hit 15kg per side for Shoulder Press (1RM)
  6. 15 muscle-ups in a row.
  7. Able to hit 10 minutes 15 seconds in 2.4km runs again.
  8. Run 5km without tapping out.
  9. Get back six packs.
  10. Drink more water and clear up the complexion. (3 Liters/day)


  1. Get back to boxing training. (Weekly)
  2. Break some ankles. (On the court)
  3. Get back to playing the guitar.
  4. Be pretty good playing Superman in Injustice 2.
  5. Be pretty good playing Redhood in Injustice 2.
  6. Win some games in competitive mode in Injustice 2.
  7. Finish Horizon Zero Dawn.
  8. Finish watching Game of Thrones seasons 1 to 3 by end of the year.
  9. Finish watching Stranger things season 2. (I stopped at the second last episode last year lol)
  10. Watch Black Panther.
  11. Watch Infinity War.
  12. Watch Aquaman.
  13. Watch Solo (Somehow not too hyped for this)
  14. Watch The Incredibles 2. (WOOOOO!!)
  15. Watch Antman & The Wasp.
  16. Watch Jurassic World.
  17. Watch Venom.

That’s pretty much my impossible list of 2018. Some things seem rather ambitious some things seem rather achievable. But the important thing is to keep making progress no matter how small or big it is and of course, to have fun doing it. (Enjoying the process)

I would like to suggest to everyone reading this post to challenge yourself, and create an impossible list and commit to it. As I believe it will be beneficial to you in your planning of goals this year, just as it will be for me.

Write out your impossible list and keep it either in your notebook or computer where you can review it frequently to keep track of your progress and to serve as a reminder of your commitment to your hustle. Part of the morning routine that I’m forming is to read this list to remind myself to stay focus on my objectives.

As my commitment to you as well, I’ve already shared my impossible list (which is pretty personal to me) and have made it public to everyone in which, will be a motivating factor for me to cross out as much out of the list as possible. #stayhustling

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

-Benjamin Franklin

Additionally, do check this awesome video out from Thomas Frank to give you a greater understanding of the Impossible List!


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