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Year 1 in a Nutshell

It’s finally the long semester break and, I’m finally done with year 1! To summarise the whole year, it was bittersweet. Kinda loved some of the modules, kinda hate some too though. Favorite Modules for Semester 1:

‘Marketing Fundamentals’, ‘User Experience & Interface Design’ and ‘Computational Thinking’ – where we had to create an Android App using Java. Overall, I did decently having a 3.4 GPA.

However, semester 2 was crazy! It was really challenging for me. We had three modules that were based on the same project in which, was to create a Web Application. We learned HTML/CSS, JavaScript, MySQL and Node.js for both front-end and back-end development. All these, with the expectation of the final output to be a pretty good web application. – Relatively tough for someone with no prior knowledge of web development or coding.

For the final submission of the three modules, I literally had little to no sleep just surviving on Monster Energy and Coffee. On top of that, we were introduced to the module, ‘Data Structures & Algorithms’ in the same semester which is possibly one of the most challenging modules ever (Ask any computer science students).

Nonetheless, these four modules, though super challenging, were my favorites of semester 2. As I really loved the challenge it brings, forcing you to be pushed out of your comfort zone and to fully engage your brain to code and analyze the algorithms. I’ve got to say, I really learned a lot from these assignments. (Though I really don’t agree with the teaching structure but whatever)

I think semester 2 was extra tough for me since it was when I had to balance all these assignments together, with my part-time job working for ‘Fave’. Additionally, I was developing and designing the ‘ODYSEE’ brand and other side hustles.

But okay, before I get any more out of point, I’ll be sharing my current focuses and goals for the holidays. In my previous blog post, I actually shared my impossible list (If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here) and thus, my current goals and focuses will be aligned to those written there.

Let’s get right to it!


  1. Finish a Digital Marketing course.
  2. Finish an eCommerce course.
  3. Finish a Web Design course.
  4. Keep coding! – Improve on Web Development Skills.
  5. Help develop and design dad’s business website. (He runs a small music school and event business)
  6. Help dad market his business using the skills learned.
  7. Help mom run and market her small eCommerce business using skills learned.
  8. Keep writing – Launch my blog!
  9. Write 10 blog posts.
  10. Focus on ODYSEE and get it ready for launch date.
  11. Plan and start my eCommerce business.
  12. Read 2 new books.
  13. Get active – Workout consistently. (3 times a week)
  14. Start research on the new start-up idea with the homie.
  15. Go out for networking events. – Meet a new network.
  16. Finish Punisher season 1.
  17. Catch-up with old friends.
  18. Finish Horizon-Zero Dawn on PS4.

So these are my current goals for this semester break in which will end sometime mid-April. With that, I would suggest everyone who’s on holidays/are free as well, to utilize your time effectively and write out your goals.

Cause the real season is the off-season! (Don’t forget to have fun too!) #stayhustling

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

-Warren Buffett


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