I recently went to a one-day start-up workshop where they covered the some of the basic components of start-ups. And in this workshop, I’ve learned a few main lessons. And would be sharing two of them.

This is the second blog post in relation to the workshop and I will talk about landing pages.


So what is a landing page? Simply put, a landing page is a page in which serves the purpose of marketing your product with a CTA (Call to Action) to the person who lands on the page. This CTA can be anything from getting someone to subscribe to your email list or create an account in your database or others.

Additionally, a landing page is not the same as your website’s homepage. Read this answer on Quora to have a better understanding on the difference:

Landing Page Vs. Home Page

Here are a few examples of a landing page:


Screenshot (104).png

Link: Shopify’s Landing Page


Screenshot (105).png

Link: Airbnb’s Landing Page

The thing I learned about landing pages is that you have to get the person’s attention right away. You also have to ‘provide value’ to the person who sees your page. For example, when you see Shopify’s landing page, you knew straight away that they are a company who helps you with eCommerce.

And also, you can see the text box for you to put your email. This acts as the CTA. So, in this scenario, someone who lands on this page sees that Shopify can help you set up your eCommerce store, therefore, if I’m interested in that, I’d put my email in. And Shopify can then follow up after that.

In the workshop, we were asked to design our landing page.

Here’s my first attempt:


Web 1920 – 1.png

Yes, it’s pretty trashy. I have no idea what I was doing. Lol…

But here’s my second attempt:




iPhone 5-SE – 1.png

It’s not perfect, but there’s an improvement from the previous one (I mean anything is better than the previous one anyway hahaha). But there are lots I need to work on for my UI/UX designing skills. If you have any advice, please let me know!

And in case you’re wondering, the program I use to create my prototypes is Adobe XD. (Though I used to use Axure RP. Do let me know which you prefer as well!) #stayhustling


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