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“How did I get into entrepreneurship?”

Hey guys!

Just in case you were wondering how I got myself into entrepreneurship, my school’s entrepreneurship club recently started a series on student-entrepreneurs and here’s their post from Instagram:

“My entrepreneurship journey started back when I was around 18 years old. I had no idea what I’d want to do in terms of studying and my future career. All I knew was that I wanted to enjoy life and have a lot of money. Around the same period of having this thought, I for some reason, found myself reading some book which got me thinking that working for someone wasn’t going to cut it for me.
From then, I did more research and started my first eCommerce business which failed due to the lack of knowledge and experience I had. I’ve lost time and money that I invested into the business however, it was a good learning point and is my first step into business. Right around that time, I got into TPEC which exposed me to different events. And I decided to take a break from business and get myself equipped with knowledge and skills through attending the events, reading, and networking with people.
After all those time of learning, I found myself having a new perspective of what being an entrepreneur is. Right now, to me, entrepreneurship is not all about the money, but it’s about creating something that brings value to other people. Additionally, it’s about the challenges and the journey to success which helps you to grow as a person.
Now, I’m working on my clothing brand, @theodyseebrand together with my team and mentors. Additionally, I’m developing an app with my buddy as a start-up to help people with their business. I’m also doing a little eCommerce on the side, helping my parent’s small business, focusing on school and building my personal brand through blogging. Which you can check out at where I document my process of being a student-entrepreneur. “The journey towards the goal is the biggest reward”

Anyway, if you’re from Temasek Polytechnic, I’d appreciate if y’all give us a follow at: @tpec_enspire for updates and content that we hope will bring value to you as a student in tp.

Thanks for reading!

The journey towards the goal is the biggest reward”

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