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ODYSEE is a streetwear brand established on 16 July 2018.

Founded by J-BOY, the brand is centered and built around a lifestyle arising out of Singapore. (Also known as, “HUSTLECITY” or “THE 65”)


As some of you who follow this blog knows, I am an advocate for entrepreneurship. Back in 2017 when I was first exposed to the possibility of starting my own business, I had no idea on what and where to start on this journey. So I looked first at my passions and interest which one of them was in street-fashion. I started doing more research and ideation which led me to what is now known as ODYSEE.

The brand name originated from the word, “Odyssey” which was from a Greek poem written by Homer. It tells the story of a man name, Odysseus who is a King but went through so much shit and difficulties before he could get home to his family, be placed back as king and be happy again.

Personally, I find this a great analogy of life itself where most people have their own goals and destiny they want for themselves but for each one of us to be a “king” or “queen” over our lives, we have to fight through our own battles.

Therefore, I created this brand from my influences of hip-hop culture, street culture and Singapore’s “modern-Asian” culture. Where what I believe Singapore’s “modern-Asian” culture is, is not so much pertaining to ethnicity groups but more of the actual lifestyle that is common to every Singaporean regardless of their race, religion and beliefs.

To me, that is the culture, HUSTLE.

Finally, I made a play on the word, “Odyssey” to “ODYSEE” because, with everyone’s own idea on what kind of legacy they want to leave, they have to “open their eyes” to be self-aware and see their destination before they can fight their battles. – Just like Odysseus. Therefore the last three letters are “SEE”.


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If you wanna be part of this brand and movement, visit us at

And follow us on:

Instagram @theodyseebrand

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