Welcome to a Hustler’s Journey blog!

My name is Jonah, I am an aspiring entrepreneur and a student studying in Singapore. A hustler’s journey blog will be a platform where I document my process of learning and achieving my goal(s). I’ll be covering topics from entrepreneurship, student-life, tech as well as self-development.

For you as a reader, I hope that you’ll be able to learn, be inspired, or receive some sort of value from my content and be part of my journey! Additionally, if you’re new to this blog do check out my first blog post where I cover in detail the purpose of this blog.

Lastly, to make things clearer, a hustler’s journey will be posting up content as much as weekly and you can check out our blog posts in the “Blog” page. (On the top left hand for mobile)

Wishing everyone of you the best! #stayhustling